McLaren's new supercar, the MP4-12C

McLaren's new supercar, the MP4-12C, which goes on sale in early 2011 with a price tag of about £150,000.

The 12C follows the McLaren F1 supercar, which had a top speed of 240mph in the mid-Nineties, and the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, which ended production earlier this year. The rules in the sports car world are about to be McLaren's new supercar, the MP4-12C

McLaren Automotive claims that "12C is the most efficient, most drivable high-performance sports car in the world".
The engine revs to 8,500rpm; 80 per cent of the torque is available below 2,000rpm. Although no official fuel economy figures are available yet, the car should end up with a CO2 g/km emissions figure somewhere in the 200s.

McLaren claims the car has more power per gram of CO2 than any car that's not fully electric; not so surprising given that most hybrids concentrate on economy rather than power, but impressive nonetheless.

A handling feature called Brake Steer, a development of an electronic system used by the F1 team, brakes the inside rear wheel when the car is entering a corner too quickly, to stop the car understeering. It also works on acceleration out of the corner when the inside rear might spin.


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